Reaction to Executive Order 13769

On January 27th, the executive branch of the United States issued an executive order banning the people of seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S. This order has resulted in the detainment of hundreds as they arrived at airports, denies safety to refugees, traps the over 90,000 visa holders from those nations either inside or outside the U.S., and threatens immigrant and refugee communities throughout the country.

We are outraged by this order and the hateful rhetoric backing it.

The immigrants and refugees who come to this nation deserve our welcome and support. An order that tears apart families, detains and imprisons innocents, and needlessly causes suffering for those seeking refuge and opportunity is cruel and evil.

To immigrants, refugees, and Muslims within the United States: we commit our time to your communities as you face this threat. We are fortunate to have one day a week of investment time. We can and will use that time for civic action.

We hope the courts will soon overturn this order and that the executive branch will respect that decision. Until that time we will continue to look for additional ways to resist it and help those affected by it.