Quick start your Bourbon and Neat

Magnus Gyllenswärd

As a designer, initializing a new project with dependencies, gems and general command line head-scratching can be a hassle, especially if you just want to get going with the actual designing and front-end coding.

thoughtbot built the Sass mixin libraries Bourbon and Neat to make the front-end coding consistent, fast and more fun. To have you focus on the design rather than vendor prefixes, re-inventions of the wheel or breaking grids.

Although these libraries are fairly simple to install and use, the screencasts below might make the transition into taking advantage of the Bourbon and Neat mixins even smoother. Sometimes you just want to start the car and drive without having to go through every part of the motor, so if you are a visual learner you may enjoy these screencast tutorials:

Installing Bourbon for a non-rails project

Installing Neat for a non-rails project

Installing Bourbon for a rails project

Installing Neat for a rails project

To learn more about what Bourbon and Neat can do, go here for Bourbon and here for Neat.