NWRUG's October 2023 Meeting (19 October)

It will soon be NWRUG’s October 2023 meet-up on Thursday, 19 October, at IntelliCentrics UK’s offices. To attend, please secure a spot on their Ticket Tailor page.

This month, thoughtbot’s Svenja Schäfer will be giving a remote talk called “How regular expressions made my dog less reactive”.

Let’s face it: Regular Expressions are intimidating. As soon as we know we have to deal with them, we open StackOverflow. Someone has the answer. We might not know if it’s correct, but at least we can write some tests around it.

What if I tell you, that my dog, Hugo, with serious fear for everything unknown, moving or not moving, big or small, became less reactive – with the help of regular expressions? This talk will give you the answer and a guideline to understand regular expressions.

Please read their code of conduct; full event details are available on the NWRUG website.

They are always looking for people to give talks in person or via The Internet. Be the change you want to see, and get in touch.