Limerick Rake

Dan Croak

Limerick Rake is a collection of useful rake tasks for Rails apps. Some we wrote ourselves, many we’ve collected from others in the community. We’re always on the lookout for helpful rake tasks so if you have anything, please post them in the comments. To use in a Rails app:

script/plugin install git://


Read tasks/database.rake for details for configuration. Load initial database fixtures (in db/bootstrap/*.yml) into the current environment’s database. Load specific fixtures using FIXTURES=x,y:

rake db:bootstrap:load

Prints a list of unindexed foreign keys so you can index them:

rake db:indexes:missing

Run model validations on all model records in database:

rake db:validate_models


Merge a branch into the origin/staging branch:

rake git:push:staging

Merge the staging branch into origin/production for launch:

rake git:push:production

Show the difference between current branch and origin/staging:

rake git:diff:staging

Show the difference between origin/staging and origin/production:

rake git:diff:production

Pull updates from suspenders, the thoughtbot rails template:

rake git:pull:suspenders

Branch origin/production into BRANCH locally:

rake git:branch:production


Backup the current database. Timestamped file is created as :rails_root/../db-name-timestamp.sql:

rake backup:db

Backup all assets under public/system. File is created as :rails_root/../system.tgz:

rake backup:assets

Haml & Sass

Convert all CSS files in public/stylesheets to Sass:

rake sass:all_css2sass

Convert all HTML files to Haml:

rake haml:all_html2haml

“Limerick Rake” - the name

The Limerick Rake is a traditional Irish song.

I am a young fellow that’s easy and bold, In Castletown conners I’m very well known. In Newcastle West I spent many a note, With Kitty and Judy and Mary.

My father rebuked me for being such a rake, And spending me time in such frolicsome ways, But I ne'er could forget the good nature of Jane, Agus fágaimíd siúd mar atá sé.

My parents had reared me to shake and to mow, To plough and to harrow, to reap and to sow. But my heart being airy to drop it so low, I set out on high speculation. On paper and parchment they taught me to write, In Euclid and grammar they opened my eyes, And in multiplication in truth I was bright, Agus fágaimíd siúd mar atá sé.

If I chance for to go to the town of Rathkeale, The girls all round me do flock on the square. Some give me a bottle and others sweet cakes, To treat me unknown to their parents.

There is one from Askeaton and one from the Pike, Another from Arda, my heart was beguiled, Tho’ being from the mountains her stockings are white, Agus fágaimíd siúd mar atá sé.

To quarrel for riches I ne'er was inclined, For the greatest of misers that must leave all behind. I’ll purchase a cow that will never run dry, And I’ll milk her by twisting her horn.

John Damer of Shronel had plenty of gold, And Lord Devonshire’s treasures are twenty times more, But he’s laid on his back among nettles and stones, Agus fágaimíd siúd mar atá sé.

The old cow could be milked without clover or grass, She’d be pampered with corn, good barley and hops. She’s warm and stout, and she’s free in the paps, And she’ll milk without spancil or halter.

The man that will drink it will cock his caubeen, And if anyone laughs there’d be wigs on the green, And the feeble old hag will get supple and free, Agus fágaimíd siúd mar atá sé.

There’s some say I’m foolish and more say I’m wise, But being fond of the women I think is no crime, For the son of King David had ten hundred wives, And his wisdom was highly regarded.

I’ll take a good garden and live at my ease, And each woman and child can partake of the same, If there’d be war in the cabin, themselves they’d be to blame, Agus fágaimíd siúd mar atá sé.

And now for the future I mean to be wise, And I’ll send for the women that acted so kind, I’d marry them all on the morrow by and by, If the clergy agree to the bargain.

And when I’d be old and my soul is at peace, These women will crowd for to cry at my wake, And their sons and their daughters will offer their prayer, To the Lord for the soul of their father.

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