🎉 thoughtbot20: Key Moments from our Live AMA with thoughtbot developers

Stefanni Brasil

We were so happy to meet you all and answer your questions live on our live AMA with thoughtbot developers on June 23rd. Thank you for submitting your questions and showing up.

In case you’ve missed it or want to watch it again, here is the recording:

Here are the key moments from the live AMA with thoughtbot developers.

The most challenging and rewarding open source we’ve worked on at thoughtbot

Mike Burns shared his experience working on Paperclip, a file-uploading library. He also shared how opening and fixing bug reports in open-source projects that he uses every day is also a rewarding thing to do.

Matheus Richard shared his experience contributing to Ruby for the first time! Mina Slater and I shared our experience contributing to Ruby on Rails documentation.

💡 Check out our Open Source page to learn more about our Open source contributions.

How to introduce pair programming at your company and get better at pair programming

thoughtbot is all about teaching and learning. We upskill each other constantly through sharing - Louis Antonopoulos

Pair programming is something that we do a lot at thoughtbot when working on internal and client projects. Here are some free resources shared during the event to help you practice pair programming at your job:

Besides those key moments, we also answered other questions such as:

“20-for-20” eBook Giveaway

To wrap up the event, we drew the giveaway for our “20-for-20” eBook. Congrats, Matthew D, for winning a copy of our 20th-anniversary eBook giveaway 🎁

Thank you, everyone, for showing up and sending your questions. And for being part of our journey.

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