Jester 1.6: Modern REST

Eric Mill


I’m sticking this version number flag into the ground to bring attention to some crucial Jester updates. Namely, full compatibility with IE7, Safari, and Prototype 1.6. If you’ve been following Jester over on GitHub, or its SVN trunk, then you’ve already gotten these, some from as far back ago as January. There’s not a whole lot past those compatibility fixes, but you can see what there is over at the commit list for Jester at Github, which naturally includes the commit history prior to Jester’s migration from SVN.

Download a tarball of 1.6 (via Github), or check out the trunk in Git with:

git clone git://

Jester, if you don’t remember, is a little JavaScript library we developed here to act as a REST client. We modeled it after ActiveResource and its syntax, released it a little over a year ago this time, and it got a modest amount of attention. People seem to widely appreciate its syntax, and a less wide but consistent core of people have found some use out of it, and continue to contribute patches and bug reports to the project. We made a landing site, and a little walkthrough of its syntax and uses there.

The next major development step would be to detach Jester from Prototype and bridge it to JQuery and Mootools, if there’s community interest. Also, once Firefox 3 comes out and has genuine cross site XMLHttpRequests, that would be interesting to support. Let me know any other features you think Jester would benefit from, and might make it more useful to the JavaScript world at large.

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