Introducing the iPad Design Showcase: Landing Pad

iPad Design

With the recent hires of Kyle Fiedler and Chad Mazzola, our design team has doubled in size. With these additions we’ve been given much more room to breathe and now have some time for cool internal design projects. One of our first endeavors is an iPad app design showcase, which we have tentatively named Landing Pad, we’ve even built a quick prototype that we’re still playing with. We plan on launching shortly after the iPad ships on April 3rd.

We are seeking submissions to the site so if you’re working on an iPad app and want to share it please contact us with a title, a full size screenshot (either orientation), and a brief description of what it does. Since this is a brand new product that our community is designing for there aren’t many trends established yet and the chance to be relatively original is huge. Be a part of technology and design history by taking this opportunity to give your iPad app design some exposure.

We’ve got some other projects planned so keep your pants on and they’ll be here before you know it.