Hoptoad is Now Airbrake

Harold Giménez

We are changing the name of our “Hoptoad” product to be called “Airbrake”. Another company has a trademark in the computer software realm over all things related to frogs and toads and little animals of that ilk. We talked to our lawyers, and decided that it’s best to go along with the request and change the name.

Times of transition

Looking on the bright side, we’re excited about this transition. This is a great opportunity to take a look at the product as a whole. First off, as you may have already noticed, we’ve put together the new Airbrake site. This is the new feel of Airbrake: simple, elegant, but rugged. This is just the beginning though. We will be working to improve the overall look of the app, as well as continue to focus on the performance, reliability and features of the service.

If you are a user of the official hoptoad_notifier, nothing has changed yet. You can continue to use that notifier, but soon that gem will be replaced by an airbrake_notifier gem. The hoptoad_notifier gem will simply depend on the new airbrake gem, and in order to get upgrades to the gem you should be changing your references over by specifying the new gem on the Gemfile. We’ll post more on that in a separate post, so stay tuned for the details.

If you are the author of any of our third party addons and extras, this is the time to change references from http://hoptoadapp.com over to http://airbrakeapp.com. You might as well change the project name while you’re at it. By September, we won’t be able to use the Hoptoad name any longer, so make sure you are all up to date before then.

We are making sure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible for all of our users. You should have plenty of time to update your gems/plugins/libraries in your projects. However, at some point in September we will also have to give up the domain name. So the safest bet for you is to update your bookmarks now and start POSTing errors to the new domain.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our users for your continued support. Airbrake has already caught over a billion exceptions, and we look forward to helping developers everywhere catch and solve the next billion errors in their apps.

What’s an airbrake, anyways

Just like in the early days with trains, during an emergency, stopping it was a huge deal. There would have to be one operator standing by on each cart that would pull a lever when signaled by a directing engineer. As archaic as that sounds, this is equivalent to tailing logs or flooding your inbox. There’s a better way. Trains and trucks today use a more efficient mechanism called airbrakes so that they don’t have to rely solely on the hydraulic fluid which may run out, usually when you need it most. Air is everywhere. With an airbrake, air pressure is released which in turn forces the brakes into the applied position, preventing havoc.

Happy debugging!

FYI: Hoptoad/Airbrake was sold to RackSpace and is now called Airbrake Bug Tracker.