Highrise to LDAP Gateway

Tammer Saleh

WARNING: Developed as a proof of concept in about 5 hours. Use with caution.

Adapted from the ldap-activerecord-server for its RailsConf 2007 presentation, this application will proxy your Highrise contacts as LDAP entries. Once you have this installed and running on a local server, you can point OS X’s Addressbook (or Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) at it and get autocomplety goodness in your local mail client.

Quick instructions

  1. Download either via tarball, or svn (recommended)
  2. Figure out your highrise API url:
    • Click on ‘My Info’ in Highrise
    • Click on ‘Reveal authentication token for feeds/API’ under ‘User account’. That will give you a key like 99531bd29aabd9bc9a09d04a60a97
    • Combine that with your highrise url like such: http://99531bd29aabd9bc9a09d04a60a97:X@tammersaleh.highrisehq.com/ (Yes, X. Those 37signals dudes are wacky)
  3. Edit the conf/ldap-config.yml file, primarily to set the right Highrise API url
  4. Run bin/ldap-server.rb start and check the log file for problems.

Now point your ldap server at localhost:1390 (or whatever host/port combination you’re configured for) and view your Highrise contacts in your addressbook.

Here’s a screenshot of my OS X Addressbook configuration:

Addressbook config

…And one of Addressbook doin’ it’s thang:


Comments and patches are more than welcome, but please keep in mind that this was really just produced as a proof of concept.