fake_braintree has a new maintainer

Gabe Berke-Williams

Four years ago, we created the fake_braintree library to make testing against Braintree easier. It spins up a local server that responds like Braintree, allowing you to run code like Braintree::Transactions.create without the extra time and setup required by Braintree’s actual servers.

We’ve been moving off of Braintree, and because of this the library hasn’t been getting the attention it deserves. Since we don’t regularly use Braintree code, we don’t see the pain points and we can’t evaluate pull requests as thoroughly as we’d like. Therefore, we are no longer maintaining fake_braintree.

Stephen Birarda of High Fidelity stepped up and is the new fake_braintree maintainer. He’s already started tackling pull requests, and we’re confident that fake_braintree is in good hands. Thank you, Stephen!

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