Design for Developers

I’ll be teaching the next session of our Design for Developers workshop on December 7th & 8th at our Boston offices.

The workshop is aimed at developers (as well as non-developers) who know HTML and CSS, but feel like they don’t have the graphic design skills to make something that looks good enough to show customers and clients. I want to ease the pain of developers who feel like this:

I’m a developer who is a HORRIBLE at design so I don’t even know where to start.

…or this…

I have the technical skills but my designed sites and interfaces are always awful, I know how to build a site technically and I know when a site looks bad, but I’m rarely able to do anything about it.

The workshop is heavily focused on hands-on instruction, so that you can start to see immediate improvements in your ability to layout pages, pick and use typefaces, and work with color.

Visit the workshops site to learn more and register.

On the Monday and Tuesday before this workshop, we’ll also be running our Advanced HTML & CSS workshop. This workshop provides a solid foundation in HTML and CSS fundamentals. We’re running these workshops back to back to give folks the opportunity to get a crash course in the full stack of skills you’ll need to design and build great pages.

If you’d like to find out more about either workshop and figure out which one might be right for you, drop us a line.