Deploy Tracking Added to Hoptoad

Tammer Saleh

First, while Hoptoad was not affected by the Engine Yard outage last week, lots of rails applications and web services were, and it was unclear at first what the situation was with Hoptoad. If you ever have questions about hoptoad status or anything else Hoptoad related, you can a) create a support ticket in the hoptoad tender, b) follow @hoptoadapp on twitter.

Now on to the good news!

Deploy tracking

We’ve been working hard on a new feature which provides for one of the most commonly requested Hoptoad features (a resolve all action) that we’re proud to be rolling out — Hoptoad can now automatically track your deployments. Read more about this in the Deploy FAQ. This feature is enabled on all paid Hoptoad plans.

The newest version of the notifier plugin which is installed in your Rails applications now provides a rake task and Capistrano recipe that will notify the Hoptoad service every time you do a deploy of your application, and Hoptoad will keep track of this history as it relates to your errors.


You can then view your deploy history and see how many errors you’ve had for each one.


This feature paves the way for a bunch of neat ideas we’ve been kicking around. One of which is…

Bulk Error Resolution

One of the most commonly asked for features on our forums has been the ability to resolve a large swath of errors at the same time. We’ve pushed back on implementing bulk error resolution until now because we felt that would just be a band-aid, and that adding features that address the underlying issues is a much better way to go.

As part of that, we’ve added a great feature where every deploy marks the existing errors under that project and rails environment as resolved. This ensures that you will be notified if any of those errors still exist within the new code.

FYI: Hoptoad/Airbrake was sold to RackSpace and is now called Airbrake Bug Tracker.