cruise_control.rb Campfire Plugin

Tammer Saleh

We’ve been somewhat unhappy with our current Cerberus installation, so we’ve decided to jump on the CC.rb bandwagon. Though there were a couple of problems when adding projects (I’ll try to expand on that in another post), the overall experience was pretty good—installation was a breeze, and the plugin system makes extending it dead simple. As proof…

Campfire plugin for cruise_control.rb

A builder plugin for CruiseControl.rb that sends build notices to campfire chat rooms.


You can get the tarball here, or grab it from svn at You can even track it via externals: svn propset svn:externals 'campfire_notifier' builder_plugins/installed


  1. Create a Campfire account that you will use for sending notifications.
  2. Copy campfirenotifierplugin folder to builder_plugins/installed (or use the externals method above)
  3. Modify builds/yourproject/cruiseconfig.rb by adding the following lines:
Project.configure do |project|
  project.campfire_notifier.domain   = 'thoughtbot'     = '38367'
  project.campfire_notifier.ssl      = false
  project.campfire_notifier.username = ''
  project.campfire_notifier.password = 'sender_password'