Copycopter now Supports Editing Multiple Locales

Jason Morrison

Does your Rails app have more than one locale? Is it a pain to edit your internationalized copy?

We’ve heard your requests to better support multiple locales, and are excited to roll out multiple locale support in Copycopter.

You can try out the new multiple locale support in your existing Copycopter-backed apps, read more about how it works, or check it out during a free trial.

You’ll be able to manage the copy for multiple locales, share this responsibility with content experts on your team, and continue to roll out fresh updated copy without the overhead of redeploying your app. Copycopter will continue to hum along, serving up draft content to your development and staging environments while delivering content you mark as “published” to production.

If you already have multiple locales in your Copycopter app, great news! The locales are already in Copycopter, ready for editing. In fact, adding new locales to Copycopter is as easy as adding them to your Rails app. We’re continuing to stick with the Rails I18n API as a solid foundation, and adhering to its use for Copycopter.

We’d love to hear how you are using the multiple locale support in Copycopter. Let us know how it fits into your workflow.