Capybara Webkit: Now More Stable Than Ever

Joe Ferris

Especially ever!

Matt Horan joined as a capybara-webkit author this fall, and he’s been busily improving the codebase, making things less crashtastic and more fastastic. Starting with version 0.14, we’re changing the slogan from “capybara-webkit: it works every time, 70% of the time” to “capybara-webkit: we’re almost sure it really works now!”

Thanks to our contributors, we also added URL blacklist support, improved JavaScript console messages, and compatibility with the lovely Capybara 2.0. You can see a full list and a fuller list on GitHub.

With this release, we’re also dropping support for Qt 4.7 and Capybara 1.x.

If you’ve tried capybara-webkit in the past and had trouble with crashes or freezing up, give the latest release a shot. If you’re already happily using it, upgrade anyway for a faster, more reliable experience.

You can install capybara-webkit from by adding it to your Gemfile.