Laila Winner

Programming Languages I’ve Been Meaning To Try But Haven’t Gotten Around To Yet. What is it even? And how do you do it? After a year of organizing PLIBMTTBHGATY events and getting to know some members of the community, I teamed up with thoughtbot designer Connie Chan to help us answer those questions in website format.

The vibe


a lightly-structured party where people get together and work on a project in a new programming language, either with or just near each other.

In other words, it’s a rad un-meetup for chill programming enthusiasts. It’s also decentralized (anyone can organize one!), anti-authoritarian, friendly, and a little bit absurd. Hosting or attending a PLIBMTTBHGATY is a great way to meet and learn from people from other programming communities, and the uncomplicated format of a PLIBMTTBHGATY makes it easy to plan. Over the past few months there have been PLIBMTTBHGATYs in Portland, New York, Des Moines, and Melbourne.

A new concept

Connie and I worked with PLIBMTTBHGATY creator Star Simpson and core community member KF to translate the ethos of PLIBMTTBHGATY into a sweet website. Now when you visit plibmttbhgaty.com, you can:

  • View upcoming and past events at a glance
  • Open a pull request to add your upcoming PLIBMTTBHGATY event to the event list
  • Peruse our code of conduct
  • Enjoy dramatic animations and sneaky emoji

Check it out and start planning your PLIBMTTBHGATY today!