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For development teams who are looking to continue learning new skills, stay on top of best practices, and keep up to date with new technologies.

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Brian RunkConstant Contact

We have had thirty engineers enrolled in Upcase for the past two years. The program has continued to provide thought-provoking content for those full-stack developers who are intent upon keeping their skills current.


Brian DearConsultant

There are a lot of training solutions out there, but Upcase is led by thoughtbot, so I know the stuff we're learning is the absolute best of the best practices. When I'm teaching junior devs, there's often a lot of conflicting information out there on how to do something, so Upcase helps me establish "better" best practices.


Anthony LeeThrive Ministry

I am really loving Upcase. The most valuable part for me was how I was able to dissect "upcase" app and see how it was built. Having the access to the repo and seeing how codes were structured was such a priceless lesson.