Intermediate Ruby on Rails

Dig deeper into Ruby on Rails. This series of video tutorials will help you move beyond the basics and start understanding and using more advanced Ruby- and creating better Ruby apps.

As part of this course you can code along with a thoughtbot’s own Matt Mongeau as he works, fork the repository and get your hands dirty with your own code. You’ll be an intermediate Rails developer in no time - and hungry for more senior dev skills.


Taught by
  • Matthew Mongeau

    Matthew Mongeau

    Matt (a.k.a "Goose") first started programming in Qbasic at the age of twelve where a love for the craft was developed. By sixteen he was running an Apache server from his home computer with PHP and MySQL. In 2005 he jumped on the Rails bandwagon and has been immersed in Rails development ever since. During that time he's been the instructor of numerous introductory and intermediate rails courses and has taught hundreds of developers from around the world.