Test the right path

Overview of Test

The last phase of the Product Design Sprint is to test our assumptions and how users react to the prototype. Going into each test you should have a plan of what you are testing and how you know if that is successful or not. This is best achieved through an Assumption/Test Table.

Recommended Tools:

Usability Testing

This is the most used form of testing. Bring in 4–6 potential users and show them the prototype that you made. Pay close attention to problems that they have and be sure to follow a script to cover the assumptions that you are testing. With their permission you can record these but it’s best to see them as they happen.

For remote users testing have users share their screen using Google Hangout or Skype and record the testing using a screen recorders such as ScreenFlow.

Survey Test

This is a good way to reach a bunch of potential users and see their answers. Create a simple form with Google Forms or FormKeep. Post the form to forums or other places that would have ideal users on it. Make sure the form is easy to fill out and open ended enough to collect qualitative information.

Fake landing page

To judge interest create a fake landing page with email collection. This could be something as simple as a Launchrock page or a Squarespace site or a completely custom site with a FormKeep form for email collection. Run Google Analytics and see how many people sign up and how many people visit.

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