Exercise: Silent Critique

Quickly get everyones feedback and create a heat map of the most interesting ideas.

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Best to use when

Silent Critique is best to use after an individual thought process like Story Boarding. It is a way to have a more unbiased and individual critique period. This way all of the voices are heard and not just the noisy decisive CEO. It also cuts down on time so that each person isn’t presenting each of their own ideas.

Also see Dot voting.



Have everyone post their ideas up on a wall evenly space and at eye level. Make sure each idea can stand on it’s own and doesn’t need an introduction or description.


Give everybody a bunch of dot stickers.


Then, without speaking, everybody looks at the different storyboards and puts a sticker on every idea or part of an idea they like. There are no limits to how many stickers you can use, and I don’t even prevent people who want to brazenly vote for their own ideas.


By the end, you’ve got a kind of heat map, and some ideas are already standing out.


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