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We design and develop software for scalable user growth

Our first focus for clients is making software that users love and second focus is on getting more users for that software. More products fail because they lack traction than they lack functioning software.

We believe the keys to growth are user focus, data, and rapid iteration. When you see the data behind what's happening in your product, you can develop evidence-based theories for what is motivating users and design growth experiments for those theories to test rapidly.

We help you build a growth model, process, and roadmap. We design and develop virality and network effects into your product. We instrument analytics for acquisition channels and activation funnels. We bring in partners for paid marketing and content marketing efforts.

Growth model, process, and roadmap

How does one cohort of your users bring in the next cohort of users: virality, content, paid marketing, sales, or something else? We design that growth model during a product design sprint to set up an experiment-driven process and define a growth roadmap to align with the product.

Virality and network effects

Virality is when one user directly brings in another. Network effects are when the product becomes more valuable to each user as more people use the product. Building virality and network effects into a product require design and development skill.

Instrument analytics

In order to analyze user behavior, we instrument metrics in our apps from the beginning. You'll understand user engagement from launch day onward, which decreases churn and increases user referrals.

Identify customer acquisition channels

Half of a user's experience exists outside of the product: in their email or social media account, App Store, Google Play, or elsewhere. We identify acquisition channels that will offer a seamless experience with the product.

Optimize activation funnels

As new users arrive from a channel, we optimize their ability to get to the product's "aha moment." We can do split testing to make sure every aspect of your app or site is optimized for conversions.

Paid marketing and content marketing

We work with partners such as DataScore and JB Analytics to manage paid advertising and SEO efforts.


thoughtbot apps are carefully built for performance and scalability. That makes them ready for future growth so you won't have to rebuild later.

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