Exercise: 3-12-3

Converge on one single idea.

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Best to use when

3-12-3 is best to use for large groups of people that are looking to converge on to one single idea. It alleviates any large group think by splitting groups into teams of people. The time restraint is meant for people to be concise about their thinking and explanations.



For the first 3 minutes, open individual brainstorming. This can take the form of Mind Mapping. or Speedy Eights.


Split everyone up into groups of 2 or 3. Give each group an Easel Pad so they can draw their UI large enough for the room to see.


For 12 minutes, let the group share their ideas they came up with n Step 1. Then they should converge in on one idea that they believe is the best and draw it on the Easel Pad.


Each group gets 3 minutes presents their idea to the larger group.


Conclude with either critique or another round switching up partners.