Welcome to your design sprint! Before we get started this week, here’s a short list of expectations. These will help you get ready for the sprint and hit the ground running! For more information on how sprints work, check out our day-by-day guide.

What to Expect

Consistent attendance is key

Clear your schedule for the week. If you don’t think you can attend all scheduled days, consider sending someone else. It’s better for us to have fewer people who attend every day than more people who only attend for part of the sprint.

No laptops or phones

If you need to use your devices, we ask you to step out of the room.

There will be regular breaks!

We want everyone to stay focused and rested, not burnt out. We can also provide lunch on the first day, and snacks throughout the week.

Only one decision maker

Throughout the sprint, we'll need someone to have the final say on some decisions. Know in advance who that person is. If they can't participate in the sprint, choose a representative who will speak for them and who will be there every day.

Be ready to take risks

Sprints let us explore many ideas and (in)validate them quickly. Take advantage of the quick turnover.

You get what you put into it

Come ready to draw, share new ideas, and think outside the box. The more you engage with the process, the better the results.
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