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Problem Statement

Supplies needed: Whiteboard

Estimated time: 20 min

Best to use when

It is best to identify the job-to-be-done that the sprint is trying to solve as early in the process as possible. Identifying the problem will help to determine if there is a problem, if that problem is solvable, and how to solve that problem. This step will be the first step to answering this question: What is this product, and is it useful?


  1. The facilitator leads discussion by writing statements on the whiteboard for everyone to see.
  2. Write down all of the potential problems that the user has.
    • What are all the jobs-to-be-done?
    • What is the problem that this product is going to solve?
    • What is the motivation behind what the user wants?
  3. As a group decide which problem is the most critical.
  4. Continue to refine language around the Problem Statement.
  5. Leave up in a clear visible spot in the room so that it is easy to reflect back on.


Problem Statement

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