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Group Critique

Supplies needed: None

Estimated time: 3 minutes for each sketch

Best to use when

It is best to do a Group Critique after a Silent critique has already been done. It allows for in-depth discussion around the idea. It gives time for people to say what they thought was good about the idea and for the person that had the idea to add any more detail to the thought.


  1. Everyone gathers around a sketch or Storyboard.
  2. Ask people what they liked about it.
  3. Ask the person that had the idea to add any more explanation that they think hasn't been covered or if something was misunderstood.

Sometimes I like to do this step on a projector, especially if there are a lot of ideas to get through. I’ll take photos of each storyboard on my phone, upload them to Dropbox, put them in a Keynote file, then make notes about parts we like with outlines and text labels as we go through on the projector. This is easier for everyone to see, and you have a digital artifact of the ideas for later. The downside is the setup: count on 15 extra minutes to capture and upload photos.

From The product design sprint: diverge (day 2)

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