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On Fridays, we have “investment time” when we learn new tools and techniques, work on open source, create new products, write blog posts, and try to make ourselves, each other, and the community better.

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Each month, we host board game nights, Arduino nights, Vim meetups, technical reading groups, design comunity meetups and other events at our offices.

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Compensation depends on experience. thoughtbot offers great medical benefits and a retirement plan. We pay 100% of travel expenses to speak at conferences. We also get the whole company together once a year to share ideas and build comunity.

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To learn more about how we work, read our Playbook.

iOS Developer
San Francisco

We're looking for an experienced iOS developer to join our team in San Francisco, and our group of talented iOS Developers. Together we'll build both great products and a great team. Learn More and Apply

Android Developer
San Francisco, Boston, New York City, Denver, Stockholm

You would be our first full-time Android developer. We're looking for someone senior who'll not only help us build great products, but also be an important part of growing our Android practice. Learn More and Apply

Office Manager

We are looking for a new office manager to take responsibility for office organization, reception, and maintaining and improving our office space as great place to work. Learn More and Apply