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How to launch a product in 8 weeks
A discussion with thoughtbot founder, Chad Pytel
Build the right product, fast

Are you planning to launch a new web or mobile product in 2021? Undertaking a new product initiative in the best of circumstances can feel intimidating. Especially for new and non-technical entrepreneurs, there is a vast tech ecosystem to navigate full of critical decisions to make.

When starting something new you face technology questions like: What backend technology should we use? Should we use React? We're creating a mobile app, should we build a cross-platform application with React Native?

And you'll face team questions such as: Who should my first hires be? Do I need a technical co-founder? How do I create something quickly within my larger, slow-moving company?

It’s more important than ever to build the right product quickly. You need to reduce waste and ensure you're getting your new offering in the hands of customers as quickly possible. 

Tune in as thoughtbot's COO and founder, Chad Pytel, dives into the playbook that has guided the design, development, and launch of hundreds of successful quality products.

This workshop will include:

  • An overview of technology and architecture options with pro and con analysis
  • The ideal size and makeup of a high-quality, fast-moving team
  • Tips for attracting and organizing a lean product team
  • Decoding product vocabulary and current technology trends
  • Special considerations for building products during the pandemic
  • Live Q&A with you the audience

This workshop is ideal for:

  • First-time founders and non-technical entrepreneurs looking to make the move from business plan to building
  • Innovative people at larger companies planning for upcoming product exploration
  • Business owners investigating digital products as a new way to meet customer needs
Workshop Speaker
  • Chad Pytel, COO

    thoughtbot co-founder, developer, and COO, Chad Pytel is a long-time proponent of launching quickly and iterating to success. Over the last 17 years of launching hundreds of products, he’s refined the playbook to making the right foundational product decisions.