thoughtbot iOS developers build native iPhone and iPad apps that give users memorable mobile experiences. We use the latest tools and techniques. We keep apps durable and maintainable using test-driven development. We are passionate about good code. We contribute to open source. We constantly improve our knowledge.

We work with you to turn your ideas into reality. We look at the problem you're solving and create a user interface tailored to your audience.

We want the apps that we create to stand out to your users in both quality and beauty. Our goal is to build an app for your business which not only solves your current problems, but preserves flexibility for future growth.

Our Work



LevelUp is the largest mobile payment network in the US. They make it easy for merchants to process payments and reward their best customers through a built-in customer loyalty system.

We worked closely with their design and engineering team on many projects. Together, we modernized their consumer-facing application, and created native frameworks to create beautiful custom experiences for LevelUp's merchants. These included a core SDK for their business logic and a full-featured UI library to centralize complicated view logic. With these frameworks, developers are able to create a custom native experience for clients quickly and easily.

There are now dozens of businesses taking advantage of the white label program, delivering branded experiences backed by a secure and proven mobile payment system.

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InTheKnow lets users get location-based recommendations from your friends in genres from dive bars to nail salons.

This project was taken from mockup to the App Store by a small team from thoughtbot. Our iOS developer built the native app including Facebook login, text message delivery, crash reporting, and analytics tools. Our Rails developer wrote the backend API to handle geolocation, app-wide push notifications, and the mobile web interface for non-users to recommend places to users.

The InTheKnow project is a compelling demonstration of how thoughtbot can complete a project on both the web and mobile side, with both groups working closely to produce a multi platform social app.

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CareZone helps users safely store and share private information about a child or other loved one with family and caregivers.

CareZone hired us to tranform their web application to mobile and tablet applications. Our developer also implemented the iPad Calendar module. We did everything from evaluating open-source projects and suggesting UX interactions, to writing the code and automated tests.

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AllTrails is a leading digital network focused on outdoor enthusiasts, providing millions of people with the information and tools to discover top destinations near them. They have data for over 50,000 trails for people to hike, bike, ski, snowboard, and many more outdoor activities.

The AllTrails team hired us to help build their next generation platform. We worked closely with them to rebuild the app from the ground up, making it faster, smoother, and more accurate than ever before.

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